Custom-Made Coil Contract Manufacture

Seimitsu Electronic provides custom-made coil winding service to you. We will custom-made any type of coils according to your requirements. We understand that the coil needs to be customized in order to provide a top-level of performance within a circuit. Therefore, we will be manufacturing the coils with high-quality materials and provide the best outcomes to you as well meet your expectations.

Technically, we are well experienced in winding coil with various type of winding method and able to provide all type of winding for the custom-made coil according to your request. Our engineers and designer will take full responsibility to customize the coil according to your specification and ensure the coil can combat EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) issues. Our team will provide the custom-made coil with top-quality by fulfilling the required quality. As always, our team experts are standing by to assist customers with technical support in customize coil.

With our service, our team can custom-made coil order based on your specification or drawing. Then, we will send a sample of the custom-made coil to you to ensure the coil meet your requirement. We can proceed for contract coil winding manufacturing based on your order once the coil has been finalized.

Type of Coil Winding Method

  • Wild Winding / Jumble Winding
  • Winding Helical Winding
  • Orthocyclic Winding


  • High-quality material
  • Quality assurance
  • Fast production/delivery

Our Strength

  • To meet your expectation with the shortest time frame¬†
  • Orthocyclic winding (>95% high fill factor)
  • Single and Multi-layer winding
  • Parallel coil winding with one, two or more wires


Bobbin Coil

Air Core Coil

Vibrating Coil

Voice Coil


Magnetic Coil

Solenoid Coil

Linear Coil


Transformer Coil

Focusing Coil

Rotation Coil

Floating Coil

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