R&D Design Coil Development

Seimitsu Electronic provide R&D design coil development service. We can develop any type of coils based on the design or concept that have been developed by your research institution. We understand that the coil needs to be developed for your innovation of a new technology. Here, we will collaborate with you by developing a new coil technology and provide the best outcomes to you as well as meeting your expectations.

Technically, we are well experienced in manufacturing coil with any shape, size, and various type of winding method. We will be manufacturing the coil with high-quality material to provide high functionality for your machine. Our engineer and designer will work together to develop a new coil technology based on design or concept that have been developed by you. Our team will have deep study on the developed coil and conduct a testing phase to test in term of quality, performance, and EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) issues. Our team will take full responsibility to provide the coil with exact output as the customer expectation. As always, our technical support is standing by to assist customers in developing coil.

Let Work Together On Your Innovation With Our Coil Development Technology

Coil Development Technology

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