Coil Winding Industry

Seimitsu Electronic is a contract manufacturer that contracts with a firm for components or products (in which case it is a turnkey supplier). It is a form of outsourcing.

In electrical engineering, coil winding is the construction of electromagnetic coils. Coils are used as components of circuits, and to provide the magnetic field of motors, transformers, and generators, and in the manufacture of loudspeakers and microphones. Mass production of electromagnetic coils relies on automated machinery.

With Seimitsu (M) sdn bhd, we offer many kind of coil winding services available for winding specific coil, which is: 

  1. Wild Winding /Jumble Winding
  2. Helical Winding
  3. Orthocyclic Winding

Coil Winding Technology

Wild Winding

Also known as jumble winding. The random wire placement leads to a wider distribution of resulting wire length on the coil body and consequently a wider range of electric coil resistances. Despite its disadvantages, it is common in mass production.

Helical Winding

The wires are placed helically in every layer, the wires cross and locate themselves within the gap of the layer underneath. If the number of layers exceeds a certain limit the structured cannot be maintained and a wild winding is created.

Orthocyclic Winding

Orthocyclic coils are characterised by a high copper fill factor (often approx. 70%), so that a comparatively high magnetic field is realised in the smallest possible space. An orthocyclically wound coil is wound with thermotank thermal bonding wire, where it is glued, as it were, into a compact whole after heating.